Interim Lead Pastor Update

Dear Regina Apostolic Church,

The Board of Directors and the Board of Elders are very excited to announce that we have called Rev. Dave Wicks to serve as Interim Lead Pastor of our church.

Pastor Dave is a gifted and experienced servant, possessing both a gentle, pastoral nature, and a firm and determined resolve. While he is currently the Regional Director for ACOP in Saskatchewan, he is coming to serve here on a full time basis. We are sure you will soon find that he is both equipped and called for such a time as this.

Both boards have been working closely together, seeking God's will over the last number of months. As we announced at the annual congregational meeting at the end of March we had a strong sense that we were moving into a season where an interim pastor was necessary. To that end, the Selection Committee has laid down its work for now and we are focused on the health of the body and on the mission of the church.

In his role as Interim Lead, Pastor Dave will have all the rights and responsibilities of the Lead Pastor, including staff leadership and oversight, chairing the Elders, and chairing the Board of Directors. The only difference is the time frame of service: we expect him to serve for a period of 1-2 years. He is fully supportive of this time frame and has no interest in serving in the role on a permanent basis.

In terms of timing, we expect Pastor Dave to work with Pastor Dan on a transition plan over the next number of weeks, and for Dave to start full time in late August.

Together the Board and Elders want to publicly acknowledge and thank Pastor Dan for his service and leadership to our body over the last year. He has proven himself to be fully committed to the call of God on his life and to what is best for our church, and he has been so patient with us as we have done our best to navigate uncharted territory over the last number of months. As Dan prepares to move on we wish him God's richest blessing in his next chapter, both personally and in ministry.

Finally, thank you for supporting us and being patient with us over this last year, and thank you in advance for journeying with us in what comes next. We know that you have been seeking the Lord alongside us, and we are thankful for each of you.

RAC Board of Directors
RAC Board of Elders