Selection Committee Update

In November 2017, we were all surprised by the retirement announcement from Pastor Rick. Subsequently, a selection committee (made up of our non-staff elders and equal number of directors, as directed by our constitution) began to seek God for our next Lead Pastor. Our constitution requires that we bring one name forward at a time to the congregation for a vote for Lead Pastor.

We spent time reviewing the vision of the church, the job description of our Lead Pastor,
interviewing present and past church leadership and brainstorming possible potential candidates. Many of the meetings were focused on prayer to see how God was going to lead us. In January 2018, we began by interviewing three (3) candidates from our own church, each being very capable to take the role of Lead Pastor. The committee spent many hours in discussion on who would be our recommendation to the church, and in April 2018, we brought Pastor Jim’s name forward to the congregation. The vote was held the first weekend of May and did not receive the necessary 75% approval for our candidate (as prescribed in our constitution).

As Pastor Rick’s last day (June 30) was quickly approaching, we began to seek for someone who could be a transitional pastor to lead us. We thank God for Pastor Dan being available and filling this role for us. He arrived at the end of June and began to bring leadership to our pastoral team and to guide us through the transition.

The summer was a good time to take a break and restart our search in the fall. A weekend away in September was spent praying and inquiring of God what our steps should be for the search of our next Lead Pastor. We met with our pastors and church leaders to get a sense of the direction we should take. We also spent time conducting the due diligence of reviewing potential candidates from our ACOP fellowship and it was determined through prayer, fasting, discussion and the fact that the first vote was so close, that we should re-submit Pastor Jim again for our next Lead Pastor. A different approach was adopted as the leadership gave their enthusiastic support behind Pastor Jim, and further explained why he was the candidate of choice. The year finished by us waiting upon God for the decision that was to be made in January 2019.

In January 2019 we conducted a second vote for Pastor Jim, and unfortunately, once again, he received less than the required 75% approval. Since then, the Selection Committee has solicited feedback from ACOP leadership, Pastor Dan, and the other pastors, Elders, and Board, as well as the congregation by hosting the RAC Family Meeting.

The Selection Committee, in agreement with the pastors, Elders, and Board, and based on the feedback from the congregation, is recommending that we hire an Interim Lead Pastor from outside the church for a contract period of at least one to two years to provide leadership for the church. We feel like there is a need for a period of time to focus on unity and healing in the church, and also to wait on the Lord for a season.

We thank Jesus for His many blessings on Regina Apostolic Church. We continue to witness
baptisms, healings and salvations. Let us continue to pray together for God’s covering and blessing on our church as wait upon Him for our next steps.

Thank you for your prayers, support and patience as the Lord works “all things together for our good.”

Respectfully submitted by

The Selection Committee