To help move you along in your faith journey and develop you in your leadership and ministry potential, we've designed a series of four Free 9-Week Discipleship Classes that focus on biblical teaching, group discussion, and prayer. 

Class 101 | Engage: Discovering Our Church Family. This is the first of the four classes in our Discipleship Process and is a great place to start connecting into our church and with others. Class 101 is an introduction to our church, our beliefs, and the basic foundations of the Christian faith. 

Class 201 | Enrich focuses on finding freedom in your life, while discovering and walking out your identity with Christ. 

Class 301 | Excel focuses on discovering your spiritual ministry gifts and seeks to empower you to use these gifts to serve within our church and our community. 

Class 401 | Equip focuses on leadership characteristics and how to maximize the leadership potential God has given you. 


The difference between attenders and members can be summed up in one word, commitment. At RAC we recognize the need for a formal membership. We ask you to commit to membership for four reasons. 

1) A biblical reason: Christ is committed to the Church. 

2) A cultural reason: it is an antidote to our society.

3) A practical reason: it defines who can be counted on. 

4) A personal reason: it produces spiritual growth. 

Being a member also allows you to vote on important decisions regarding the direction and the future of the church. 

If you have attended Regina Apostolic Church for more than 6 months, and have completed Class 101, you are eligible to apply for membership. 

If you are interested in filling out a membership application form please email or visit the Reception desk during office hours.